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Kurt Cobain Bio
Kurt Cobain Bio
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KURT COBAIN (1967-1994)

Birth of a Legend
Kurt Donald Cobain was orn on February 20, 1967, in Hoquaim, Washington state, a small town 140 kilometers south-west of Seattle. His father (Don) was an auto mechanic, and his mother (Wendy) was a waitress. When Kurt was about 2 years old, the family moved to infamous Aberdeen, Washington, where he would spend most of his life. Aberdeen was a redneck logging town, and the people surrounding Kurt influenced him a lot, mostly negatively. Kurt says the folliwng regarding the town he lives in 2/3 of his life: "Aberdeen was nothing but rednecks, guns and booze." Kurt's paretns were very young when he was born: Wendy was 19, Don was 21. During his early childhood, he was more-or-less happy, artistic, but also bronchitic.


"I tried hard to have a father - But instead I had a dad"
When Kurt was 7 years old, his life's biggest change took place: his parents divorced, scarring their son to an unbelievable extent. His father later married another woman. Kurt would never forgive Don, and it was probably during these years that he started having disdain toward men in general.
After the divorce, Kurt was shuttled among relatives, having only a suitcase as a friend, in addition to his imaginary friend, whom he called "Boddah" (yes, his suicide letter is addressed to him). For some time, he apparently lived under a bridge. Other times he slept at friends' houses, never abusing their kindness. During high school, he was a weak, fragile, and sensitive loner, bullied by jocks, considered to be homosexual. In later interviews, Kurt has said that he actually encouraged people to think of him as gay, because he gt to meet other Aberdeen homosexuals. The issue of Kurt's sexual orientation is still very unclear.
Kurt's stomach problems also started affecting him. He was diagnosed with an uncurable, unnamed stomach problem, and no doctor ever found a cure for it. Later on, Kurt would realize that the only thing that helped his health was heroine. He also became addicted to several pills, including Percodan. He had been prescribed Ritalin when he was 7.
According to his journals, Kurt also tried suicide for the first time when he was in high school. After a failed sexual encounter (buy his journals if you want to know more), he tried to kill himself by lying on Aberdeen's train tracks and placing two blocks of cement on himself. Thankfully, the train chose the use the arallen tracks (the tracks next to the ones he was on).
Kurt also actively used drugs during this time. He smoked quite a bit of Marijuana, in addition to dropping acid (LSD). However, according to his journals, he used Heroine for the first time in 1987, when he was already 20 years old.
Kurt dropped out of high school during his senior year, whe he realized he didn't have enough credits to graduate in a single year. Before that, he'd been a roadie for the band "THE MELVINS". He had even tried out for the band, but they didn't accept him (face it: Kurt wasn't the best guitarist around).  After dropping out of school, Kurt and Krist Novoselic (who'd been his friend since elementary school) worked as ganitors for a while, at the same time playing in the Seattle punk rock underground. They switched a few drummers, and their band was called many names, including the "Stiffie Woodies", "Fecal Matter", "The Sellouts", etc...


"I'd Rather be Dead than Cool."
Kurt's new band, Nirvana, initially with drummer Chad Chaning, started sending demos, mostly thanks t Dale Crover, their one-time producer. In 1988, the "Love Buzz" single is released, and is played heavily on college radio. After its moderate success, in 1989, with just $600, Nirvana released "Bleach", their first album. After the release of the album, NIrvana started touring rather heavily. They caught the eye of corporate, rich record companies, and eventually signed with Geffen records. In his diaries, Kurt frantically tried to find an excuse for that step, which went against his principles. He says that he might be able to "fight" the system from the inside, and thus signing with Geffen might prove beneficial.
In 1991, after the release of the video for "Smells Like Teen Spirit", "Nevermind", Nirvana's second album, In early 1992, "Nevermind" hit # 1 on the billboard. The "SLTS" video was put in hot circulation on MTV, and it was greatly over-played all over radio & TV. After "Nevermind", Nirvana was bound for success. Videos and albums were released repeatedly. Meanwhile, Kurt married Courtney Love, and on August 18, 1992, Frances Bean Cobain, his daughter, was born.
During this tumultuous period, Kurt tried not to change, not to let fame affect him in any way. There are contradicting reports about Kurt's behavior toward fans. He was never too close to Dave Grohl, who joined Nirvana after the release of "Bleach". He also got a tatoo duringthese years, a "K" on his arm. Krist Novoselic also got married during this period.


The end
Near the end of 1993, Kurt and Nirvana recorded "Unplugged in NY", which would become their landmark album. Kurt's marriage, on the other hand, was rocky. There were disagreements and fights reported with Courtney. One time, she came home with 2 new Sedans. Kurt made her return the cars. Their personalities just weren't compatible.
During a European Tour, in Rome, on March 4th, 1994 (a month before April 5), Kurt Cobain mixed Rohypnol and alcohol in an apparent suicide attempt. He was admitted into a hospital, deep in comatose. The next day, Kurt Cobain woke up from his coma and immediately asked for a milkshake.
Back in the US, Kurt was convinced by the other band members and by his record company to admit himself into de-tox. He did so reluctantly, and on April 1, 1994, he escaped the center. His last days are crucial. On April 2, he bought a decent amount of heroine. His bes friend bought him the shotgun he used to kill himself. It was April 5, 1994 - it was a rainy day, rather cold. Kurt Cobain wrote his suicide note in red ink, and made sure to place it where it would be seen. Then he shot up a triple does of heroine, placed the barrel of the shotgun into his mouth, and pulled the trigger, just once.